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Bill Foster: Businessman, Scientist, Independent Solutions

Washington Post: Middle class would face higher taxes under Republican plan, analysis finds

New report reveals that Congresswoman Biggert’s plan would raise taxes by $2,700 for middle class families in Illinois while providing a tax break of $300,000 for households making over $1M per year.

Naperville, IL- We already knew that the Republican “Ryan” Budget that Congresswoman Biggert voted for would drastically cut Medicare and force seniors to pay thousands more for their health care, just to give tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy and Washington special interests, but a new report out today shows that the plan would actually raise taxes on middle class families. The study, released today by the Joint Economic Committee, reveals middle class families could face tax increases of up to $2,700 per year at the same time households earning more than $1 million would save up to $300,000.

“Congresswoman Biggert’s plan to increase taxes on the middle class is unacceptable and is not a responsible solution to address the deficit and create jobs,” said Bill Foster. “Every businessman knows that jobs are created by customers, and more customers come from the middle class than from those at the very top. It’s clear that Washington is a mess when long-term incumbents like Congresswoman Biggert are voting for a middle class tax hike at a time when our middle class and small businesses should be top priority for tax relief. We can’t afford to keep giving tax breaks to corporate outsourcers and special interests and then force regular people to keep making sacrifices. As a scientist and small businessman, I will fight to ensure that Illinois middle class families are not a casualty of Washington’s broken system.”

Posted on June 20, 2012 in Press Releases.