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Bill Foster: Businessman, Scientist, Independent Solutions

President Obama Endorses Three Democrats for Congress

Duckworth, Schneider & Foster Stand with the President to Fight for Middle Class Families

Naperville, IL - Today, President Barack Obama endorsed Congressional Candidates Tammy Duckworth (IL-08), Brad Schneider (IL-10), and Bill Foster (IL-11) in their races for Congress signaling extraordinary momentum for the three campaigns in the final days before Election Day.

"America's middle class needs these great leaders like Tammy Duckworth, Brad Schneider, and Bill Foster in Congress to stand up and fight for them,” said Obama. “They will create jobs here at home by building from the middle out, not the top down. They will protect Medicare for our seniors and education for our next generation. Middle class families can count on them and they need your support on election day."

President Obama’s endorsement comes after he voted early last week. All three Chicagoland Democrats are encouraging voters to make their voice heard by voting early and treating every day as Election Day until November 6th.

Tammy Duckworth said: "I am proud to stand with President Obama in his efforts to stop student loan rates from doubling and for the job creating transportation bill, both measures that were supported by every Republican and Democrat member of the Illinois delegation except Congressman Joe Walsh."

Brad Schneider said: "It's truly an honor to have President Obama's support in this election. The President has seen how the partisan gridlock has prevented critical work from being accomplished, and in Congress I hope to work along side him to get real results for our middle-class families.”

Bill Foster said: "I'm proud to have President Obama's back and am honored that he has mine. The President understands the important link between economic growth and the strength of the middle class, and under his leadership we reversed the financial collapse, stabilized the housing market and have seen millions of new jobs created. Just like the President's opponent, my opponent supports the same Bush policies that got us into this mess. We need to restore rationality and a sense of common purpose to Congress and move this country forward, together."

Posted on November 2, 2012 in Press Releases.