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Bill Foster: Businessman, Scientist, Independent Solutions

Blog Posts

August 29, 2017The Herald-News: Bolingbrook holds Will County Resistance Fair
July 31, 2017Mother Jones: Donald Trump’s War on Scientists Has Had One Big Side Effect
July 11, 2017Conservative Review: First fake news, now EPA-funded fake science
July 6, 2017Foster Statement on Illinois Budget Veto Override
June 6, 2017Breitbart: Dems Agree with Putin, Communist China on Paris Climate Change Agreement
June 1, 2017Foster Statement on President Trump Withdrawing From Paris Climate Accord
May 22, 2017Popular Science: House Science Committee members just sent a letter to President Trump insisting he stop relying on fake news
May 15, 2017New York Times: Under Fire, Climate Scientists Unite With Lawyers to Fight Back
May 6, 2017Naperville Sun: Tom Skilling, scientists at climate forum warn of severe weather changes ahead
April 23, 2017Gizmodo: At the March for Science, Congress's Lone Scientist Pines for Company
April 21, 2017Naperville Sun: Standing up for science
April 5, 2017STAT: Congress’s one PhD-trained scientist will join march on Washington
March 28, 2017New Yorker: Two NASA Engineers Try Out Politics
March 24, 2017Foster's Statement on TrumpCare Legislation Withdrawl
March 22, 2017Foster's Statement on Trump's First Two Months in Office
March 15, 2017Pacific Standard: What It’s Like to Be a Scientist in Congress: Bill Foster
February 9, 2017Los Angeles Times: Concerned about Trump, scientists are leaning into politics
January 25, 2017The Atlantic: Professor Smith Goes to Washington
December 13, 2016Nature: Is Donald Trump pushing more scientists towards political activism?
November 9, 2016Thank You
February 22, 2016Illinois Teachers Endorse Foster
October 15, 2013End the Shutdown!
September 11, 2011Today We Remember
August 9, 2011Cook and Rothenberg Rate New 11th as Democrat Favored and D+6 Respectively

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