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Bill Foster: Businessman, Scientist, Independent Solutions


Below is a partial list of citizens who have endorsed Bill's campaign for Congress.

Do you support Bill? Add your name to our list!

Why I'm Endorsing Bill

"As a scientist and a businessman, Bill Foster has the first-hand experience we need to create jobs and stop the partisan gridlock in Washington. In times like these, we need leaders, like Bill Foster, who have the experience to carefully consider the issues and get our economy back on track."

-Dick Durbin
U.S. Senator

"We are proud to endorse Bill Foster because he has a proven record of standing up for working families. In Congress Bill will fight to put middle class families back to work and protect Medicare for our seniors. In times like these, we need someone who will stand up for us and end the partisan bickering in Washington."

-Michael Carrigan
President of the AFL-CIO State Federation of Illinois

"Bill Foster was an outstanding member of Congress, and his background as a businessman and scientist makes him an excellent candidate to win this seat. His experience fighting on behalf of working people and small businesses is greatly needed in Washington D.C., and I proudly support him."

-Jesse White
Illinois Secretary of State

"I am proud to announce the support of the 15,000 members of the AFFI for Bill Foster in Democratic primary the new 11th Congressional District. In times like these we need someone like Bill, who understands the importance of fighting to create jobs here. Our working families are the priority, and no one knows this more than someone who has first-hand experience creating jobs here in the Midwest."

-Pat Devaney
President of the AFFI-IAFF

"In times like these, we need someone who will stand up for us and end the partisan bickering in Washington. In Congress Bill will fight to put middle class families back to work and protect Medicare for our seniors."

-Dan Montgomerry
President, Illinois Federation of Teachers

"I'm endorsing Bill because he is one of the most caring, honest Congressmen I have ever dealt with in over 30 years of meeting people in politics."

-Ken Christy
President, Illinois Association of Letter Carriers

"I knew when I met Bill Foster that he understands what’s important to middle class families in Will County. We need leaders like Bill Foster, who know the importance of ending the gridlock in Washington and putting our families back to work."

-Dick Manley
President, Illinois Federation of Teachers Local 604

"Rarely do we have a chance to elect a man of Bill Foster's qualifications to Congress - and never have they been more needed. Bill Foster understands - and has demonstrated - the centrality of research and technological innovation to a competitive, job creating economy. Bill Foster's experience is broad and deep, his integrity undoubted. Bill Foster has a superb chance of being re- elected in the newly drawn 11th Illinois District, but he needs your support. He has mine."

-Adlai Stevenson III
Former United States Senator

"With his extraordinary background in science and business and his dedication to public service, Bill Foster was – and will be again – a member of Congress of whom all of us in Illinois can be proud. We need the unique blend of intelligence and good common sense that he brings to addressing the difficult challenges our nation faces."

-Dawn Clark Netsch
Former Illinois Comptroller

"We are facing some very challenging times here in the Nation. Bill Foster can help us get back on track. His intelligence coupled with a hearty dose of commonsense is exactly what we need. I have found that Bill's willingness to listen to our constituents and offer thoughtful ideas sets just the right tone between our local issues and Washington, DC. I am proud to support Bill Foster in his run for Congress."

-Linda Holmes
Illinois State Senator

"Bill is a wonderful combination of heart, brains, courage and dedication. He cares enough about us to focus his keen intellect and hard work on solving our country's challenges. I heartily endorse Bill Foster for U.S. Congress."

-Bonnie Lee Kunkel
Kane County Board Member

"Bill Foster's public service has the people's best interest at heart. His work ethic representing us is second to none. That is why I giving my full support to BILL FOSTER FOR CONGRESS."

-Juan Reyna
Kane County Board Member

"Bill Foster brings a successful business background into the public service arena. Bill served the citizens of Kane County well during his congressional term, and I am happy he has decided serve again. Bill has shown sincerity and a common sense approach to government, and he will be a benefit to the people of Illinois."

-Pat Perez
Kane County Sheriff

"I think that Bill Foster is the absolute best candidate to take this fight forward in this new turf. He stands for those values that we share. He runs as a businessman and as a scientist. When he talks about the economy or when he talks about creating jobs, you know that it’s not just talking points. He’s been there, he’s created jobs, and he and his brother kept those jobs in the U.S."

-Scott Harper
Former candidate for Congress

"It is my honor and my privilege to support Bill. We will have a Congressman that will make us proud in Bill Foster. Bill began his career in Congress by casting the tie-breaking vote to bring in sweeping ethics reform in the House and ended the 111th Congress with a courageous vote to end ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ to protect those in our military who are fighting for our country, yet could not continue to serve because of who they love."

-John Atkinson
Former candidate for Congress

"Bill has been there. He has taken hard votes, but more than that, he has helped us in contributing to the debate. He is smart in so many ways. We need a scientist in Congress. Bill has become a go-to person on the economy, coming up with charts that explain what we need to know, ways to shape the debate on the economy. Bill has been there at every turn."

-Jan Schakowsky
U.S. Representative

"A leader and listener who has not lost contact with the average working person is needed. I see Bill Foster as a voice for the working person and I am proud to endorse him."

-Jacqueline Traynere
Will County Board Member

"I am endorsing Bill Foster because we need leaders with both legislative and real-word experience. As a scientist and businessman, Bill knows how to look at complex problems and identify realistic solutions. While in office, he was responsible for adding provisions to the Wall Street reform law that will prevent future taxpayer-funded bank bailouts. We need more people in Congress like Bill Foster."

-Beth Ann May
Joliet Township Clerk

"I think Bill did a good job when he had the job before and I think he will again. Need someone who will look after us senior citizens."

-Charles Finley
Former Chairman, UAW Local #145

"Bill is educated, informed, and will stand up for HUMAN rights in his district. I supported Bill long before there was even talk of redistricting. I am beyond thrilled that he will now be my representative!"

-Holly Copot
Darien, IL

"He's got the brains and common sense to do the right thing for the people of our district. He's the only member of Congress who read the entire health care bill! All 1500 pages."

-Bridget Dooley
Aurora, IL

"I'm endorsing Bill because we must return control of the House to the Democrats and stop the advantaging of the wealthy at the expense of the middle class and the poor."

-Bill Klingele
Joliet, IL

"I'm endorsing Bill because I thought he was a great Representative before and we need him again. Because he has intelligence and vision, two qualities in short supply in Congress without him. Because he shares many of my beliefs. Mostly because the Republicans need to lose their jobs, too."

-Grace Mary Perez
Aurora, IL

"As someone who worked with Bill for many years at Fermilab, I'm endorsing Bill because I know him to be a leader with the energy to work tirelessly for the people he represents, the moral courage to insist on working for the common good, and the scientific and business experience to make sensible choices for our nation's future."

-Bill Ashmanskas
Yardley, PA

"I worked with Bill Foster, and he was a beacon of creativity and enthusiasm, even among a group of brilliant scientists."

-Jim Steimel

"I'm endorsing Bill because he is the perfect candidate to represent all of the people of the 11th district, and not just the select few."

-Navor Alanis
Aurora, IL

"I'm endorsing Bill because he is the best person for the job!"

-Ryan Kauffman
Naperville, IL



Chicago Tribune
Daily Herald
Kane County Chronicle


Illinois AFL-CIO
Illinois International Union of Operating Engineers
Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois
NARAL Pro-Choice America
Planned Parenthood of Illinois Action
National Education Association
Illinois Federation of Teachers
Sierra Club
Council for a Livable World
Alliance for Retired Americans


The following elected officials, community leaders, engaged citizens, and organizations publicly support Bill Foster in his candidacy for the Illinois 11th Congressional District:


Dick Durbin, U.S. Senator
Jesse White, Illinois Secretary of State
Adlai Stevenson III, Former U.S. Senator and Gubernatorial Candidate
Dawn Clark Netsch, Former Illinois Comptroller and Gubernatorial Candidate
Jan Schakowsky, U.S. Representative
Debbie Halvorson, Former U.S. Representative and State Central Committeewoman for the 11th Congressional District
Phil Hare, Former U.S. Representative
John Atkinson, former Congressional Candidate
Scott Harper, former Congressional Candidate
Linda Holmes, Illinois State Senator
Linda Chapa-LaVia, Illinois State Representative
Tom Weisner, Mayor of Aurora
Tom Giarrante, Mayor of Joliet
Marilyn Michellini, Village President of Montgomery
Pat Perez, Kane County Sheriff
Bonnie Lee Kunkel, Kane County Board Member
Juan Reyna, Kane County Board Member
Jacqueline Traynere, Will County Board Member
Walter Adamic, Will County Board Member
Steve Wilhelmi, Will County Board Member
Christina Campos, Aurora Township Supervisor
Beth Ann May, Joliet Township Clerk
Mark Guethle, State Central Committeeman for the 14th Congressional District and Chair of the Kane County Democrats
Julia Beckman, State Central Committeewoman for the 13th Congressional District
Bob Peickert, Chair of the DuPage County Democrats
Theodia Gillespie, President & CEO of the Quad County Urban League

Michael Linder
J. Guider
Ken Christy, President of the Illinois Association of Letter Carriers
Terry Kramer, UFCW Local #1546
James Burke
Abby Pariser
Richard Larson
Vincent Brandys
Holly Copot
Stuart Russell
Carolyn Quinn
Bridget Dooley
Lynda DiGregor
Michael Carter
Tom Colton
Thomas Haines
Polly Cleveland
Bill Klingele
Grace Mary Perez
Michael Lazaro
Jeff Bunch
Charles Finley, former Chairman UAW Local #145
Bob Sramek
Ed Max
Nancy Scanlan
Teri McCauley
Dan Reynolds
Bill Ashmanskas
Ryan Kauffman
John Pridemore
John Henderson
Janet Massey
Matthew Becker
Kyle Buzzard
Victor Mata
Jim Steimel
Jeff Buch
Ethan Maede
Robert Lewandowski
Vincent Martin
Dennis Doyle
Mike Hartge
Jeanne Sigman
Liz Stefanski
Navor Alanis
Jane Di Giovine
George Koch III
Sally Zatloukal
Sterling Morris
Russ Masino
James McDonald
Jeffery McGarvey
Omar Hafeez
Jeffery Mc Garvey


Chicago Tribune - Primary
Daily Herald - Primary
Kane County Chronicle - Primary


AFL-CIO State Federation of Illinois
Illinois Federation of Teachers
Associated Firefighters of Illinois
AFSCME Council #31
Illinois Association of Letter Carriers
NALC Local #219, Aurora and Montgomery
NALC Local #305, Joliet and Plainfield
Painters District Council No. 30
Amalgamated Transit Union Local #308



  • Chicago Tribune
  • Chicago Sun-Times
  • Daily Herald
  • Northern Star (NIU)
  • 14th District Mayors

    David Blanton, Mayor of Rock Falls
    Valerie Burd, Mayor of Yorkville
    Jim Burke, Mayor of Dixon
    Bob Hausler, Mayor of Plano
    Marilyn Michelini, Montgomery Village President
    Eileen Phipps, Wayne Village President
    Kris Povlsen, Mayor of DeKalb
    Jeffrey Schielke, Mayor of Batavia
    Ed Schock, Mayor of Elgin
    Tom Weisner, Mayor of Aurora


Alliance for Retired Americans
Democratic Women of DuPage County
Illinois AFL-CIO
Illinois Education Association
Illinois Farm Bureau
Illinois Federation of Teachers
Illinois Planned Parenthood Council
Kendall County Democratic Women
NARAL Pro-Choice America
National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare
SEIU Illinois Council
Sierra Club
Veterans of Foreign War (VFW) PAC



November 2008 General Election

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  • Chicago Tribune
  • Daily Herald
  • Elgin Courier News
  • Northern Star (NIU)

March 2008 Special Election

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  • Chicago Tribune
  • DeKalb Daily Chronicle
  • Kane County Chronicle
  • Kendall County Record/Oswego Ledger-Sentinel
  • Pioneer Press (Algonquin Countryside)

Elected Officials

Richard Durbin, U.S. Senator
Barack Obama, U.S. Senator
Phil Hare, U.S. Representative
Patrick Murphy, U.S. Representative
Dan Hynes, State Comptroller
Alexi Giannoulias, State Treasurer
Michael Noland, IL State Senator
Linda Chapa LaVia, IL State Representative
Chuck Brown, Alderman, Geneva
Henry Abarbanel, Council Member, Del Mar
Valerie Burd, Mayor of Yorkville
Jim Burke, Mayor of Dixon
Kris Povlsen, Mayor of DeKalb
Jeffrey Schielke, Mayor of Batavia
Ed Schock, Mayor of Elgin
Thomas Weisner, Mayor of Aurora
Gerald Jones, Kane County Board member
John T. Hulseberg, DeKalb County Board member
Bonnie Lee Kunkel, Kane County Board member
Ron Matekaitis, DeKalb County State's Attorney
Clint Carey, Pingree Grove Village President
Marilyn Michelini, Montgomery Village President
Eileen Phipps, Wayne Village President
Stephen Pickett, Sleepy Hollow Village President
William Sarto, Carpentersville Village President
Jim Murphy, Aurora Township Supervisor
Paul Greviskes, Kane County Board Member
Holly Kissane, Kane County Board Member
Roger Ness, former Mayor of Newark
Rudy Neuberger, Kane County Board member
Robert Rosemier, DeKalb County Board member
Terry Kessler, Alderperson, Sycamore
Mike Saville, Alderman, Aurora
Jim Volk, Alderman, Batavia
Joe Plocher, Alderman, Yorkville
Annie Craig, Trustee, Aurora Township
John Shoemaker, Trustee, Aurora Township
Jeanette Mihalec, Kane County Board Member
Bob Getz, Trustee, Elgin Community College


AFSCME State Council 31
Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois
Citizen Action/Illinois Policy Council
Democratic Women of DuPage County
Elgin Trades Council
Illinois AFL-CIO
Illinois Education Association
Illinois Federation of Teachers
Illinois Planned Parenthood Council
Illinois UAW
League of Conservation Voters
National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU)
NARAL Pro-Choice America
National Committee to Preserve Social Security
and Medicare
Ronald J. Schultz Memorial Foundation
SEIU Illinois Council
Sierra Club
United Hellenic Voters of America
Fox Valley Building and Construction Trades Council
Plumbers and Pipefitters Local No. 501 U.A.
Kendall County Democratic Women


Adam Abrams
Xochi Adame
Gloria Alexander
Kirk Arndt
Alex Arroyo
Carrie Auwaerter
Julie Axelsen
Linda Balensiefen
Peter Banahoski
Wink Bangs
Robert Banke
Sonia Barajas
Timothy Barnes
Larry Bartoszek
Elaine Bennett
Michael Bennett
Terry Bermes
Colette Bertand
Kristie Blunt
Kevin Bock
James Bradley
Vincent Brandys
Richard Brei
Isie Brindley
Thomas Browder
Bruce Bunker
Tom Butler
Fran Caffee
Matthew Campise
Amanda Carne
Don Carpenter
Emmett Cartwright
Bill Catching
Harold Cattron
Jean Cattron
Patricia Caviness
Gail Chibucos
Matthew Chlebanowski
Yu-Chung Cheng
Donnell Collins
Thomas Collins
Ronald Cook
Lou Dalmonte
Olivia Diaz
Elizabeth Doherty
Bridget Dooley
Malcolm Dow
Lucy Dubas
Sarah Ebner
Jennifer Ekey
Christi Elizarraraz
Don Engel
Larry Falko
Matt Farmer
Debby Fay
Lynn Fazekas
Lee Fazzari
Cameron Fischer
Alexander Freeman
Gwen Gaglione
Broc Golden
Marilyn Griffin
Art Hambach
Chris Heffernan
John Heneghan
Eric Holmes
Michael Hrycyk
Christie Hurley
Matthew Jabczynski
Monica Jenkins
Richard Kaiser
Howard Katz
Ali Khan
Alex Kellie
Hillary Kowalski
Sharad Kumar
Joyce Laben
Robbin Lang
Glendora Lanning
Paula Lauer
Paul Lebrun
Kenneth Legan Sr.
Deborah Liebzeit
Maria Lofton
Ron Lofton
Karl Lonngren
Michael Lowery
Susan Lubonovich
Doug May
John McCarten
Crystal McCaster
Joanne McCrory
Scott Mendeloff
C. Leon Miller
Paul Miller
Wes Morrissey
Andres Morton Zimmerman
Sekazi Mtingwa
Ben Mundel
Paul Olderr
Chris Ott
Brett Palmer
Abby Pariser
Sandip Pakvasa
Julie Parker
Roger Passman
Jim Paulin
Linda Pille
Erin Platt
Georgina Poole
Pierre Ramond
John Rasmussen
Austin Real
Jack Reich
Wren Roberts
Aaron Rogers
Jim Rogers
Tim Rogers
Roberto Romero
Dawn Root
Lisa Roscoe
Scott Roscoe
Thomas Rossing
Arline Roth
Al Russell
Ed Rzeppa
Meadow Sabelko
Hector Sandoval
Emily Savin
Kristine Scala
Jody Schmeck
Mary Schneider
Sean Schultz
Mary Ellen Segraves
Scott Sell
Jim Shales
Peter Sheldon
Tom Shields
Jeanne Sigman
Vladimir Sirotenko
Kevin Smith
Dacia Soulliere
Stephen Steadman
Cynthia Steimle
Paul Suffredin
Kathy Sullivan
Eugene Tester
Sylvia Tester
Alan Thiesen
Joseph Thome
Bradley Torppey
Anthony Tressel
Seth Tucker
Fred Ullrich
Robert Wands
Aimee Weaver
Ed Weiss
Nancy Weiss
Brent Welder
David Welsh
Dave Werle
Deborah Willhite
R. Stanley Williams
Alice Woldt
Vladimir Zelevinsky

Nobel Prize Winners

Alexei Abrikosov
Peter Agre
Paul Berg
James W Cronin
Johann Deisenhofer
Jerome Friedman
Sheldon Glashow
Roy Glauber
David Gross
Roger Guillemin
John Hall
Herbert Hauptman
Alan Heeger
Dudley Herschbach
Ronald Hoffmann
Wolfgang Ketterle
Walter Kohn
Herbert Kroemer
Harold Kroto
Leon Lederman
T.D. Lee
Anthony Leggett
John Mather
President Barack Obama
Douglas Osheroff
Martin Perl
David Politzer
Norman F. Ramsey
Sherwood Rowland
George Smoot
Joseph Taylor
Frank Wilczek


Stephen Adler
Guenter Ahlers
Justin Albert
Dan Amidei
David Arnett
Harut Avagyan
Blake Aycock
Birger Back
Robert Balluffi
John Barnard
Ted Barnes
Bruce Barnett
J. Frederick Bartlett
Albert Bartlett
Nathan Beard
Jonathan Berg
Morris Binkley
Eric Bittner
Arie Bodek
Arno Bohm
Lev Boulaevskii
Richard Breedon
Roy Briere
Dieter Brill
Collin Broholm
Ian Brown
Patricia Burchat
Janice Button-Shafer
Nina Byers
Manuel Calderon de la Barca
Michele Carter
Roberto Car
Marco Cavaglia
Michael Chanowitz
Roman Chepulskyy
Brajesh Choudhary
David Christian
Andrey Chubukov
Tony Close
William Danchi
Jerome Dancis
Cary Davids
Stanley Deser
Edward Eyler
Ben Ferguson
Arthur Freeman
Alex Friedman
Robert Field
Peter Freund
Brian Fujikawa
Richard Gaitskell
Joseph Gall
Umesh Garg
Timothy Gay
Howard Georgi
Morgan Giddings
David Goldstein
Jordan Goodman
James Griffin
David Groisser
Martin Gruebele
John Gunion
Susan Hagness
Thomas Hanlon
David Hammer
James Harris
Ronald Hart
John Harvey
Robert Haselkorn
John Hauptman
Wick Haxton
Hatim Hegab
Ulrich Heinz
Kenneth Heller
Caroline Herzenberg
Franz Himpsel
Georg Hoffstaetter
Pierre Hohenberg
Carlos Hojvat
Hugh Hudson
Joe Incandela
Arthur Jaffe
Robert L. Jaffe
Stephen Jardin
Lawrence Jones
Steven Juliano
Claude Kacser
Leo Kadanoff
David Kaplan
Allan Kaufman
Karl Kelley
John King
Rami Kishek
Victor Korenman
Ashutosh Kotwal
Dmytro Kovalskyi
Lawrence Krauss
Herbert Kroemer
Stephen J. Kron
Andreas Kronfield
Julius Kuti
Sabine Lammers
Richard Lander
William Lee
Matthew Levinson
Eugene Levy
David Lynch
Elliott Lieb
Don Lincoln
Tony Liss
Kendall Mahn
Ernest Malamud
Meinhard Mayer
Gerald Miller
Charles W. Misner
Jay Mittenthal
W.E. Moerner
Kenneth Moffeit
Jonathan D. Moreno
Forrest Mozer
Lynn Nadel
Uriel Nauenberg
Bill Nellis
Ezra Newman
James Norem
Filomena Nunes
Joe Ozelis
Robert Owen
Justin Parsons
Bruce Patterson
Thomas Phillips
Steven Pinker
Joseph Poon
Krishna Rajagopal
S.G. Rajeev
Regina Rameika
Hamish Robertson
Subir Sachdev
James Sauls
Jonas Schultz
John Scofield
Jonathan Selinger
Savdeep Sethi
John Sheffield
Marc Sher
Abner Shimony
Horst Simon
Alexander Smits
Michael Smith
Henry Sobel
Bruce Solka
Josef Spalenka
Theodore Steck
Lawrence Sulak
Jeremiah Sullivan
Matthew Szydagis
Cyrus Taylor
Alexandre Telnov
Richard Temkin
Harold Ticho
Jerrold Turner
William C Turner
Richard Van Berg
Jatila van der Veen-Davis
Gary Varner
Mikko Voutilainen
Jim Walker
Risa Wechsler
Johannes Weertman
Ray Weil
Elon Weintraub
Rainer Weiss
William Wester
John Weymouth
Steven White
Gary Williams
Thomas Witten
Stanley Wojcicki
Wayne Wozniak
Victor Yakovenko
Vladamir Zelevinsky


Rolland Johnson
Andrew Schriever