On the Issues


The United States is a proud nation of immigrants and we must adhere to the promise of the American Dream. Our diversity is what makes us strong. Unfortunately, our immigration system is outdated and presents unnecessary challenges to immigrants who want to legally come to the United States. Bill supports President Biden’s reversal of the Trump Administration’s inhumane and counterproductive immigration policies, and his focus on alleviating the conditions which drive waves of immigrants to leave their home countries.

Supporting the DREAM Act

Bill has been a longtime supporter of the DREAM Act, first voting for the bill in 2010 and again in 2019. Children brought to the U.S. by their parents deserve a fair chance at American citizenship and the chance to live out the American Dream in the only country many have ever known.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Bill is also supports the 2013 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill that passed the Senate but was denied a vote under the Republican control of John Boehner and Paul Ryan. This commonsense compromise bill would have provided funding for border security while also ensuring we reformed our outdated immigration system. It provided a strict but fair pathway to citizenship for those undocumented residents who were able to pay a modest fine, pay back-taxes, and pass a criminal background check. Bill believes the framework in this bill should be the foundation for a new comprehensive immigration reform package.

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