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Bill Foster: Businessman, Scientist, Independent Solutions

Bill Foster on the Issues

Economic Growth

Democrats and Republicans agree on the importance of economic growth to our nation's future, but they disagree on how to best achieve that growth. As a scientist, Bill Foster looks at the facts. The last three presidents (Clinton, Bush, Obama) took office with strong majorities in Congress that enabled them to put in place the policies that they believed would result in strong economic growth. The results are clear: Democratic policies produced consistently stronger economic growth, while Republican policies drove us into debt and wrecked our economy. | Read More...

Creating Jobs

Recent history shows that America knows how to create jobs – if the economy is competently managed. Over 22 million jobs were created in the 8 years from March 1993 to March 2001 – the best 8-year period of continuous job creation in our nation’s history.   In contrast, during the next 8 years from March 2001 through March 2009, less than zero jobs were created - the worst 8-year record for job loss in our nation’s history. Our recovery is beginning by rebalancing our economy and returning to the policies that resulted in the strong economic growth of the 1990’s. | Read More About Bill Foster's Solutions for Creating Jobs

Reviving American Manufacturing

As a businessman who started a manufacturing company that now provides hundreds of good-paying jobs right here in the Midwest, nothing is more important to Bill Foster than the health of manufacturing in America. In the long run, a country can only consume as much as it produces – and Bill knows we need to see “Made in America” again. | Read More About Bill Foster's Solutions to Bring Back American Manufacturing

The Financial Crisis

The financial crisis of 2008 cost our economy 8 million jobs and cost American families more than 17 Trillion dollars of net worth. Bill Foster believes that emergency intervention was required to avoid another Depression, but that it will take time to repair the damage caused by a decade of mismanagement. This means restoring fiscal discipline to our government, rebalancing our economy, improving the health of U.S. manufacturing, and reforming Wall Street to prevent a crisis like this from ever happening again. | Read More

Reforming Wall Street

The financial crisis of 2008 destroyed millions of jobs and crushed the retirement savings of American families. There is no higher priority than making sure that we never face such a crisis again. As a businessman with a background in manufacturing and the real economy, Bill Foster recognizes that an efficient and well-regulated financial services sector is essential to our economic growth. As a member of the Financial Services Committee, Bill played a strong role in crafting legislation that will prevent the irresponsible practices that led to this crisis. | Read More About Bill Foster's Record on Reforming Wall Street

Fiscal Responsibility

Bill Foster believes that restoring fiscal balance to the federal government is fundamental to the long-term health of our economy. So, Bill voted against his party’s budget every time it has come up because it did not offer an adequate plan to begin paying down our national debt. As the co-chair of the Fiscal Responsibility working group of the New Democrats – a centrist, pro-business group of 70 members of Congress – Bill Foster has been a leader in insisting that the federal government get its’ budget under control. | Read More About Bill Foster's Position on Restoring Fiscal Balance

Energy that is Safe, Secure, and Affordable

Our growing dependence on energy from imported oil and natural gas has been an urgent but neglected problem for decades. Growing demand from around the world is driving oil prices to sustained high levels, and global warming is one of the most serious environmental challenges facing us today. America needs an adequate response to the energy challenges of the future. | Read More About Bill Foster's Position on Energy

Health Care

Bill Foster believes that every family should have a family doctor. Bill voted for health insurance reform to make sure those with pre-existing conditions get the care they deserve at a price they can afford, preserve the guaranteed benefits of Medicare, help prevent medical bankruptcies, lower overall health care costs, and raise the quality of medical care in the United States. | Read More About Bill Foster's Solutions to Improve Health Care

Science and Technology

Investments in basic scientific research are among the highest return on investment of any that our society can make. As a scientist and successful businessman, Bill Foster believes that keeping the technological pipeline full - from basic research, to technology development, to market driven deployment of advanced manufacturing technologies - is crucial to our country’s long term economic health. | Read More About Bill Foster's Position on Investing in Research


Wise investments in our children's education are crucial to our long-term economic health. Bill is proud of the education that his children received in the public schools of Batavia, Geneva, and Aurora and is committed to preserving and strengthening the quality of our schools, community colleges, and Universities. | Read More About Bill Foster's Position on Eduction