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Foster Statement on Illinois Budget Veto Override

Illinois has gone three years without a budget. I am grateful that more than a dozen Republicans in the General Assembly joined with Democrats to override Governor Rauner and produce a true compromise. I am distressed, however, to see the Governor’s continued intransigence. Illinois has tremendous challenges that can only be met when we are […]

APS: What Life is like as a Scientist in Congress

Every politician develops a narrative about why they turned to public service. As the only Ph.D. physical scientist remaining in the U.S. Congress, I spend a fair amount of time trying to recruit my future replacement(s). The following is drawn from a presentation—really a recruiting talk—that I have given everywhere from the Yale Physics Department […]

Foster Statement on Failure of Illinois Budget

Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Foster (D-IL) issued the following statement on the Illinois budget failure: Illinois is the first state in eight decades to go without a budget, and Springfield’s continued failure to pass a budget has caused irreparable damage to our schools, roads, and medical assistance facilities in our state. This budget failure […]

Foster Statement on President Trump Withdrawing From Paris Climate Accord

Naperville, IL – Today, Congressman Bill Foster (IL-11) released the following statement on President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord: “Earlier today, President Trump announced his decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, the multinational environmental agreement aimed at addressing climate change. The agreement is currently signed by almost 200 nations […]

Foster’s Statement on TrumpCare Legislation Withdrawl

Naperville, IL – Congressman Bill Foster (IL-11) released the following statement through his campaign following Republicans’ failure to bring the American Health Care Act (AKA TrumpCare) up for a vote: “Today, I was proud to stand with my Democratic colleagues, as well as many Republicans, to defeat the American Health Care Act, better known as […]

Foster’s Statement on Trump’s First Two Months in Office

Naperville, IL – Today, the campaign of Congressman Bill Foster (D-IL) issued a statement on his assessment of the Trump Administration two months after the President took office: “After last year’s election results, we knew things would be very different with Republicans controlling all levers of power in Washington. I didn’t expect how quickly President […]