Foster’s Statement on TrumpCare Legislation Withdrawl

Friday, March 24, 2017

Naperville, IL – Congressman Bill Foster (IL-11) released the following statement through his campaign following Republicans’ failure to bring the American Health Care Act (AKA TrumpCare) up for a vote: “Today, I was proud to stand with my Democratic colleagues, as well as many Republicans, to defeat the American Health Care Act, better known as TrumpCare.

“Despite reports of the millions of Americans who would have lost health coverage, massive cost increases for middle-aged Americans, millions of jobs destroyed, women being denied access to essential healthcare services, millions of veterans being subjected to a new tax penalty, and even people’s lives put in jeopardy, the President and his Republican Congress charged ahead with full force until the very last minute.

“Our country will be far better off without this legislation. As President Trump and Republicans continue to press their extreme right-wing agenda in Congress, I will continue to fight to protect Americans from the consequences of their fraudulent campaign promises.”

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